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Yusif Samadoglu

Yusif Samadoglu About Words

Haydar Aliyev

...Yusif  Samadoghlu’s creation, inspired by our classical heritage and modern european traditions left his imprint in our national literature.

Yusif Samadoghlu’s social-political deeds in the name of freedom and independence of the motherland played a huge role in regaining democracy, human rights and improvement of  independence movement in Azerbaijan.

Yashar Garayev (Doctor of  Philology):

Yusif  Samadoghlu’s prose is a prose of memory. A memory first of all, means integrity and perfection.  All his works were against inferiority and imperfection, society and memory.

Yusif Samadoglu About Words
Yusif Samadoglu About Words

Nizami Jafarov (Doctor of Philology; Corresponding member of ANAS):

Yusif  Samadoghlu’s “Day of Murder” is one the most beautiful pieces in Azerbaijan literature. He’s gone leaving his heritage and solid image in this world.

Tofig Hadjiyev (Doctor of  Philology; Corresponding member of ANAS):

Script of the film “My Seven Sons” indicates that Yusif  Samadoghlu ia a talented writer. His talent and rare writing style had helped to create “Komsomol poem”.

Yusif Samadoglu About Words
Yusif Samadoglu About Words

Faramaz Maksudov (Academician):

Yusif  Samadoghlu brought a new note to the Azerbaijani prose. Like an extremely talent. Yusif  had very unique writing style.

Anar (People’s writer):

Yusif  Samadoghlu was one of those writers who had rare talent. His heritage is a great literature. “Day of Murder” is a reality of our modern literature.

Yusif Samadoglu About Words
Yusif Samadoglu About Words

Hasanaga Turabov (People’s artist):

The character “Geray bey”  is one of the most stunning characters I ever portrayed. I always pay tribute to Yusif  Samadoghlu for this opportunity to play that role.

I am fascinated by the sincere conversations and unique intelligence of Yusif  Samadoghlu.

Jabir Novruz (People’s poet):

Yusif  Samadoghlu’s creation shows that many people will talk about him in the following epochs.

Yusif Samadoglu About Words
Yusif Samadoglu About Words

Gazanfar Kazimov (Doctor of  Philology):

Yusif  Samadoghlu’s “Day of Murder”  is one of the beautiful pieces of our literature that preaches humanism ideas by its artistic, aesthetic and socially public importance.

Gulbaniz Azimzadeh (Film director):

When I read the novel “Day of Murder” in three days and nights on the magazine Azerbaijan, I realized that this piece is my destiny. It is perhaps, I had the opportunity to became a film director just to cinematize only this novel alone.

I will be grateful to Yusif  Samadoghlu for the rest of my life, that he trusted me his masterpiece.

Yusif Samadoglu About Words
Yusif Samadoglu About Words

Chingiz  Abdullayev (People’s writer):

Yusif  Samadoghlu had gone down in history of Azerbaijani literature as the author of the novel “Day of Murder” and an interesting short stories.

Elmira Akhundova (Writer, publicist):

“They are the salt of the land, honour and pure name of the nation”. This is what people say about warm-hearted and kind man such as Yusif  Samadoghlu.

Yusif  Samadoghlu was  a man with high moral principles. He wouldn’t abandoned the principles even at the cost of his own life.

Yusif Samadoglu About Words
Yusif Samadoglu About Words

Gabil (People’s Poet):

Yusif  Samadoghlu’s script “My Seven Sons” based on the novel “Komsomol poem”  by Samad Vurgun is one of the beautiful pieces of Azerbaijan cinematography.

Sabir Rustamkhanli (People’s poet):

I participated with him in several international meetings and events and I’d like to mention that, when you look at him you could see Azerbaijan and the whole truth and suffering of Azerbaijan. He could declare about the rights with several phrases, that few people were able to speak about in Azerbaijan.

Besides, Yusif  Samadoghlu is one of  those figures that could be seen as the face and conscience of our national movement. Yusif  Samadoghlu distinguishing the good bad was one of those people who could see what had brought national movement to the nation.

Yusif Samadoglu About Words
Yusif Samadoglu About Words

Nariman Gasanzadeh (People’s poet):

Yusif was a great writer, philosopher and public figure. Yusif  is a great master by his artistic imagination. As a writer and man he was bold and fearless.