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Vagif Samadoglu

Vagif Samadoglu About Words

Anar (People’s writer):

Vagif Samadoglu’s creativity is a unique, inimitable event in our poetry and drama.

Vagif is such a writer, who is familiar to the whole world – entirely to its every side – to its cities, villages, past, today, future, pain, grief, joy – shortly, to every secret. That is the whole faith of Vagif.

Isa Habibbayli (Academician):

Man and World, Life and Death like essences which require philosophical approaches are described with original poetical expressions in poems of Vagif Samadoglu. In this meaning Vagif Samadoglu is a philosofer – poet... Philosophical poetry of Vagif Samadoglu moved forward the literature train with bridleless, free horse of a poem...

Vagif Samadoglu About Words
Vagif Samadoglu About Words

Tofig Hajiyev (Doctor of philology, Corresponding member of ANAS):

Unfortunately, not everyone reads Vagif Samadoglu... but if they read, our homeland would be without trouble – it would be the land of wisemen, not parrots.

Ramiz Rovshan (Poet):

Without Vagif Samadoglu our modern poetry would look like Baku without Caspian Sea or a man who does not have a dream.

Time will prove that Vagif was a great playwright. Because his works have been already realized in our life.

Vagif Samadoglu About Words
Vagif Samadoglu About Words

Zalimkhan Yagub (People’s poet):

Poetry of Vagif Samadoglu is the most independent and free poetry of the world... To live a solitary life, to give national, human feelings to reades in loneliness – this is the poet destiny of Vagif Samadoglu.

Vagif Yusifli (Doctor of philosophy, literary critic):

Vagif Samadoglu’s poems with the content “Adresses to God” for the first time in our poetry eliminated mystic cover over God. Man and God came closer....

Vagif Samadoglu About Words
Vagif Samadoglu About Words

Irada Musayeva (Literary critic):

Talent, personality of Vagif Samadoglu brought purity and clarity to literary and social life...To understand Vagif’s poem it is necessary to open the door of his moral-poetical world – to get the key of this door. For that purpose, it is necessary to study, investigate and learn Vagif not by books or poems, but carefully by hemistich, word for word.

Ali Yavuz Akpinar (Professor of Ege University):

Sometimes I think that thoughts said in Vagif’s poems will happen to me, will be my destiny. But sometimes I feel that I have written these poems... Maybe the mystery of a real poem hides here.

Vagif Samadoglu About Words
Vagif Samadoglu About Words

Huseyn Abbaszade (People’s writer):

In our literature the character Moshu, created by Vagif with so expertly, is one of the characters who was accepted by millions of people and stepped out of stage to real life like Mashadi Ibad.

Khalid Kaknich literary critic (Turkey):

Vagif Samadoglu is one of the greatest masters of modern turkish literature.

Shamil Salmanov (Doctor of philology, Literary critic):

Vagif Samadoglu’s poems are new and inimitable in our modern poetry according to their style and characteristics.

Valeh Rzayev poet, translator

Vaqif  Səmədoğlunun yaradıcılığı öz dövrünün və zamanının siyasi rejiminə qarşı yönəlmiş olsa da, bu gün də öz təsirini və aktuallığını saxlamaqdadır.

Vagif Samadoglu About Words
Vagif Samadoglu About Words

Betty Blair founding editor of "Azerbaijan International" magazine (1993-2011)

Although Vagif  Samadoghlu’s works were reactions to the political regime of  his period, his poems still affect us and resonate truth.

Nizami Jafarov (Academician):

Though poetry (and personality!) of Vagif Samadoglu is individual and original in a great meaning, it does not contain personal claim, opportunistic social-ideological interest, diplomacy meant for future. It seems as if some divine power brought Vagif Samadoglu into the world, protected him from literary-ideological and “aesthetic” canons in his young years, and set him free, when he felt confidence in his free-form (!) thinking...

Vagif Samadoglu About Words
Vagif Samadoglu About Words

Pascal Payen-Apenzeller historian, poet

Vagif  Samadoghlu is a poet who has certain importance in world literature.

Like many other thinkers he wrote clean, melancholy and readable poems. Deep philosophy of  Vagif Samadoghlu’s poems call us to seek the truth, kindness, purity.

Anna Maria Polo literary critic and translator (France):

I discovered Vagif Samadoglu’s poems for myself. I am grateful to Vagif Samadoglu for the feelings awakened by the sail of words. My friends were also read his poems. Everybody was amazed...

Vagif Samadoglu About Words
Vagif Samadoglu About Words

Huseynaga Atakishiyev (Film director):

There is always a sorrow, which awakes a man and makes think, behind all laughters in Vagif Samadoglu’s plays. Vagif has high sense and feeling, thats why he passes ahead of all happenings in society.