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Samad Vurgun

Samad Vurgun About Words

Emilian Bukov (Moldava):

Samad Vurgun was a Person with the deepest meaning of this word. He highly appreciated live, people, so he could easily find a way to people’s heart. Sometimes it was difficult to imagine that such an ordinary person had great talent.
Glory to Azeri people which presented Samad Vurgun to the world!


Haydar Aliyev

Samad  Vurgun  is one the most outstanding figures in Azerbaijani history for his works, creation and social public services. Samad  Vurgun was loyal to his nation. He served in awakening and national prosperity of  his nation. What bring our nation to the highest level is Samad Vurgun’s poems, plays and novels. Samad Vurgun wanted freedom for his people and he was always on the side of freedom throughout his life. We have to be grateful to Samad Vurgun for improving science, literature and education of our nation.

Azerbaijan today is a huge and magnificent building.  Everyone, more or less made their own contribution to this building. Most of  these people were trying to build, to create and to improve Azerbaijan. Samad Vurgun is one of the most prominent figures among those people. We proud of  Samad  Vurgun.

Samad Vurgun About Words
Samad Vurgun About Words

Mammad Amin Rasulzade (an extract from “Modern Azerbaijan”):

“Vagif” drama was written about the great Azerbaijan poet of the XVII century Molla Panah Vagif… This literary work that is about Azerbaijan patriotism is considered the most successful play of Azerbaijani stage. Let us once again look through some moments of the play in order to understand Samad’s language, his poetic power and patriotism…

Uzeir Gadjibekov (prominent Azerbaijani composer):

I cannot imagine poetry without music. From this point of view Samad’s poems are irreplaceable.

Samad Vurgun About Words
Samad Vurgun About Words

A.Sivalingham (India):

I’m acquainted with the poetry of the great Azerbaijan poet Samad Vurgun. He is one of my lovely poets. After reading the works of Samad Vurgun I showed interest in Azerbaijan poetry and started to look for Azerbaijan poems in available literary miscellanies, newspapers and magazines.

Jorje Espinoza (Spain):

It’s so nice that Baki is the Land of fire; I’ve seen happiness here; Samad Vurgun disgorged like a volcano and I was first to respond to his call!

Ilhami Emin (Yugoslavia) :

As long as poems live – they are immortal We’ll fall in love with him again and again…

Samad Vurgun About Words

A.Zayonchkovsky (Poland):

Polish nation like all other nations of the world loves the poetry of Azerbaijan poet Samad Vurgun.
For the only one of his poems “Azerbaijan” he can be called a national singer because S.Vurgun here generalizes all significant features of his Motherland.

Yan Cudrabkali (Lithuania):

While reading Samad Vurgun’s poems we see him, hear his voice, feel the warmth of his heart. As if we look into the deep lake mirroring the wide and endless sky. It seems like you went out to the balcony in a sunny summer evening. The fragrance of various flowers and fruits is felt everywhere.

Samad Vurgun About Words
Samad Vurgun About Words

Antanas Bentzlova (Lithuania):

He was always very common, gentle and noble person, sincere friend and excellent poet. He loved poetry from all his heart. It was difficult to imagine his life without poetry. He was a great talent famous and recognized by the fraternal nations.

Maxim Rilsky (Ukraine):

Samad Vurgun always opposed highly romantic, pathetic style of some literary men and passionately defended this style…
It was a man of not only much poetic talent but also brilliant and deep intelligence and great heat.


Samad Vurgun About Words

Walter May (England):

Samad Vurgun is the modern poet of all present and future generations who glorifies marvelous Azerbaijan and ancient Caucasus. I’m deep in love with his poetry. I express my gratitude to Azerbaijan land that gave us such an inspired poet as Samad Vurgun.

Samad Vurgun About Words
Samad Vurgun About Words

Alexander Fadeev (Russia):

S.Vurgun’s high poetry shines like a bright star in the constellation of our nations’ masterpieces. It is loved by the millions of Soviet people of different nationalities. I’ve been under his charm for a long time.
… friends are the greatest happiness, and it is good that Samad Vurgun exists…


Miroslav Ivanovitc (Czechoslovakia):

Vurgun is very dear to us because nation’s soul, the soul of native land lives in his poetry. That is why he is a real national poet and will always be.

Samad Vurgun About Words
Samad Vurgun About Words

Nazim Khikmet (Turkey):

Samad Vurgun is a gigantic planet of our poetry. The sun and the stars are ever shining. Samad Vurgun is prominent national poet. He will live forever as long as our language exists.

Константин Симонов (Россия):

- Самед Вургун – смелый народный певец с орлиным взором.
Сила обаяния, незаурядность личности поэта были таковы, что знавшие его при жизни и сегодня отчетливо воскрешают в памяти эту порывистую, жизнелюбивую натуру.



Samad Vurgun About Words

Andris Veyyan (Latvia):

When we want to hear the sound of Caspian see, Azerbaijan on the shores of Baltic we read Samad Vurgun. I’ll never forget my being a guest on his 50th anniversary. I remember everything as if it has just happened: we thought we would cope with his disease, death. He really did because his poetry is immortal!

Samad Vurgun About Words
Samad Vurgun About Words

David Kugultinov (Kalmikiya):

Samad Vurgun was one of such emotional poets of the Soviet Union who understood how necessary it was to help Azerbaijan literature and that of USSR reach the level of his time.
That’s why his dear image, winged poetry, his precious creativity has settled in my heart forever.


Gafur Gulyam (Uzbekistan):

Azerbaijan, ancient Land of Fire is happy that it brought up such genius artists like Samad Vurgun.


Samad Vurgun About Words

Damdinsurengiyn Uriankhay (Mongolia):

In my native land children get to know S. Vurgun from school. We consider him our lovely poet. Today I have arrived in the country where he was born. I planted a tree here. I believe that this tree of poetry and friendship will grow stronger.

Maxim Tank (Belorussia):

He served his nation not only with his poetry, but all the heat of his heart. His marvelous lyrics, dramas are invaluable. His works played a big role in the formation of Azerbaijan poetry style and language positively affected the development all our multinational soviet literature.


Samad Vurgun About Words
Samad Vurgun About Words

Mustay Karim (Bashkortostan):

I’m happy to have heard live voice of Samad Vurgun, seen his eyes and bright sparkles in these eyes, felt him, admired and still admire his high poetry. I’m glad for my children, grandchildren that they were lucky to profit from the great poet’s ocean of ideas and passions.


Lui Aragon (France):

Samad Vurgun is the pride of modern Soviet and world literature. …He was one of the outstanding persons of Soviet literature. Originated from Azerbaijani nation the poet of strong inspiration, extreme melodic. Samad Vurgun was a real follower of Nizami, Vagif and other great masters of poetry.


Samad Vurgun About Words

Bilfrid Brants (Germany):

What I can say about Samad Vurgun’s literary fame, his view of literature is that he is the prominent representative of Azerbaijan literature who combines national literary traditions and up-to dateness.

Berdi Kerbabayev (Turkmenistan):

Who once sees Samad will never forget any of his gestures or look. Samad had such a proud state. He never avoided disputes, made them until the truth came out. Hi didn’t like shade natured people, and vague words.


Samad Vurgun About Words
Samad Vurgun About Words

Rasul Gamzatov (Dagestan):

Samad Vurgun and Azerbaijan are inseparable from each other. This is the unique notion because Samad personifies the best features of his nation – its simplicity, brevity, deep intelligence and great talent.
S.Vurgun’s poetry coming from the passionate heart and being the result of huge talent will live forever.


Georgy Leonidze (Georgia):

Samad Vurgun is honey and milk, bread and salt of Azerbaijan Soviet poetry, personification of his nation. I bend my head in front of his brilliant, great talent. His name is close and precious to all of us. Ever shining ray of his poetry will always light the way of endless friendship of Azerbaijan and Georgian nations.


Samad Vurgun About Words
Samad Vurgun About Words

Petrus Brovka (Belorussia):

He was a poet not only for Azerbaijan but for all Republics of our country. His friends were attracted by his wisdom, sensitive and sympathetic heart


Kaysin Kuliyev (Balkar):

Our brother Samad Vurgun…My brother Samad… I remember him very well and recollect with pride.
I think he is a great poet, excellent person not only of Azerbaijan but the whole world. His beautiful poetry will never fade. He passionately loves his Motherland and his nation. We all learnt from Samad Vurgun.


Samad Vurgun About Words
Samad Vurgun About Words

Mikhali Sholokhov (Russia):

The only appearance of his could be a very nice topic for a work of art. He was an exclusive person.
His death was a hard blow to our writers’ hearts.


Georgy Strumsky (Bulgaria):

It is a very brave decision to choose such a nickname as “Vurgun”. And he is not an addict to traditional beauty but to a new life of which he is the creator…

Samad Vurgun About Words
Samad Vurgun About Words

Jalol Ikrami (Tajikistan):

The broadness of views, internationalism, humanism and depth of feelings distinguish a prominent poet. We can see all these in Samad Vurgun’s creativity.

Samad Vurgun About Words
Samad Vurgun About Words

Mukhtar Auezov (Kazakhstan):

…The most progressive artist of the Soviet East… the most talented singer of socialism, to our beloved Samad I express feelings of deep love and gratefulness of Kazakh readers.

Samad Vurgun About Words